Awesome Paints

We’ve created an awesome variety of paint textures that delight any budding artist. From Mega Pixels and Builder Bits for the builders, to Furry Flurry and Rainbow Ribbons for the dreamers.

  • Builder Bits

    Build long, twisting pipes, bit by bit! Use these to make an exciting puzzle for friends.

  • Collide-O-Chromes

    Confetti paints in black & white, blue, green, red and rainbow colors.

  • Coral Crunch

    Crinkly paints in coral shades of yellow, blue, green, red and purple.

  • Cotton Candy

    Large fleecy paints in pastel cotton-candy colors.

  • Crayon Wax

    For crayon or pastel effects, use soft textured crayon wax paints to layer on color.

  • Fluff Fiesta

    Downy powder puff paints in a full palette of bright colors.

  • Furry Flurry

    A fabulously fuzzy paint--great for creating furry creatures.

  • Fuzzy Friends

    Two-toned fuzzy paints in a limited palette of yellow, orange, blue-green, magenta and yellow-green.

  • Hair Play

    Painterly stripes of color in red, blond, black, brunette and green.

  • Mega Pixels

    Square blocks of color for constructing pixelated paintings.

  • Mess Monsters

    Fuzzy paints in subdued tones of gray, tan, brown, blue and red.

  • Mighty Metal

    Shiny molten metal in gold, silver, bronze, copper and even Ferrari red.

  • Neon Rush

    Neon bright paints in orange, blue, green, pink and yellow.

  • Pixie Paste

    Fizzy enchanted paints in magenta, orange, green, blue and yellow.

  • Prickly

    A full palette of richly textured paints

  • Rainbow Ribbons

    Twirl and uncoil colorful streamers across the screen with ribbons of paint which respond to speed.

  • Retro

    Groovy op art squares of colors in orange, yellow-green, blue, purple, and red.

  • Smooth

    Super fluid opaque paints in a full assortment of vivid colors.

  • Thunder Trouble

    Fluffy paints in grays and white for creating puffy sunny clouds or dark storm clouds.

And more!

Simple to use

From 2-year olds to grandparents, Drawp is super simple for kids and adults to use.

  • 1

    Easy creativity

    Drawing, painting, photo, and voice recording features boost kids’ desire to create.

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    Swipe to Share

    Kids simply swipe to share instantly within a parent-approved private network of loved ones.

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    Share, Save, Print, Ship

    Share instantly through the app, sign in to see a private online family gallery, or order prints online to ship real-world keepsakes.

Never run out of space on the fridge door again.

View drawings from wherever you are

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Unlimited free digital art storage in the private Drawp cloud.

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